Velammal Hospitals - Leadership messages


Chairman, Velammal Educational Trust

Dream is the greatest asset with great potentiality that world's doers have ever had. Monitory cope-ups are all cheap beside this marvelous gift. With a dream of achieving, you have entered the world of Engineering and Technology, which is tuning the climate right now and more rewarding of all channel.

To make your dreams into reality, put it methodical, go step by step. Begin with some action and do something positively. This makes your dream come faster. So to become the high flyer in your opted profession "Ignite yourself to big dreams to get big results".

"Opportunity never knocks twice". You are all gifted to have a wonderful opportunity to go for higher studies when comparing illiteracy rates in the state. To make use of the given opportunity always remember the Socrates saying "They are not only idle who do nothing, but they are idle also who might be better employed".

Dear Friends,
We have been running many educational institutions successfully in Tamilnadu. But our "Velammal Hospitals" has become my dream project in more than one way. I am seeing this as an opportunity to be a tool in producing ethically sound, morally strong, compassionate doctors for the future. Every patient in the wards who exudes a warm smile after attaining releif, enlivens my life. I strongly believe that with all your Cooperation velammal Medical College will become a landmark in southern Tamilnadu.The Medical Council of India has successfully completed the inspection for renewal. It is a happy news! I whole heartedly thank all of you for having been so helpful in accomplishing this.Let us march together towards a bright future.

Mr.Venkata Phanidhar

Chief Executive Officer, Velammal Hospital

Dr.R.M.Raja Muthaiah M.S.,M.Ch.,

Dean, Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute


Chief Administrative Officer, Velammal Hospital

Dr.T.Thirunavukkarasu M.D.,

Medical Superintendent, Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute

Dr.P.Mohanty M.D.,

Vice- Principal, Velammal Medical College Hospital & Research Institute