Velammal Medical College - Anatomy

Our department of Anatomy offers a basic knowledge of Human Structure which is a versatile intresting, most toughest & fundamental subject in the medical field. We teach and prepare the students about the knowledge of Gross Anatomy and Microscopic Anatomy known as Histology so that they can go to hospital to study the clinical departments to study clinical subjects and to examine the patients in the hospitals.

Dr.R.Sumana, M.D.,

HOD, Anatomy

Facilities & Services

"Genetic Laboratory:In this lab we carry out karyotyping, genetic mapping and genetic counselling to all patients of the clinical departments especially in Anomalous mothers to prevent/reduce further incidences of Anomalies and whether subsequent pregnancy is allowed or not.

*Tissue processing and slide preparing unit:To prepare histology slides from tissues and marketing it to needy department of Anatomy of Medical Colleges of our country

* Anomaly Controlling Commitee in order to bring down the incidences of anomaly that prevalent in our soceity.

* Awareness of anomalies to the society which has superstition, ignorance and poverty in our country.

* Counselling to the public ,married couple, couples of who have given birth to anomalous babies or who have history of Anomalies in their families regarding inbreeding and their effect on the progeny and to bring awareness of consanguinity.

Our Doctors Details

Our department have a very good expert team of doctors.