Velammal Medical College - Biochemistry

Department of biochemistry is a centre of excellence for study of biochemistry. We thrive to support health care,conduct research for promoting human development and achieve human excellence by reading the molecular language of life.

Dr.P.K.Mohanty, MD.,

HOD, Biochemistry


Department of biochemistry is a centre of excellence for study of biochemistry. This centre thrives to support clinical care and conduct research for promoting human development.


Achieve human excellence by decoding the molecular language of life.


To create learning environment to impart knowledge of biochemistry to medical students and other health allied sciences.

To generate scope, opportunity and resources for basic and applied research in biochemistry.

To march towards self-sustainability through provision of clinical laboratory services and exploring research opportunities.

To propagate the knowledge of biochemistry in public and professional interest in pursuit of better health.

Facilities & Services

Under Graduate students Laboratory:

First year MBBS students are trained here to perform biochemical investigations on patient’s blood, urine and other fluids, which help them to diagnose many diseases.

Research Laboratory:

The faculty members and students carry out experiments as a part of their research activity. Also method validation, special biochemical investigations that are not routinely done in the hospital lab to extend support to patient care (hemoglobin electrophoresis to diagnose diseases like thalasemia, sickle cell disease etc. plasma protein electrophoresis to diagnose multiple myeloma etc.) are performed. The students here are exposed to equipments and procedures of higher academic value .

Seminar room cum department library:

A small library of collection of books and journals in fields related to biochemistry is maintained here. These are used for reference by faculty and students. This room is used for holding departmental seminars, presentations, academic and research discussions as well as individual faculties reading room.

Training programmes:

Medical Education Programme.

Theme - Alzheimer’s disease.

Our Doctors Details

Our department have a very good expert team of doctors.