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Forensic Medicine is a branch of Medicine that involves the study and application of Medical knowledge in the administration of Justice. It is also called as Medical Jurisprudence and Legal Medicine. In modern medical practice, the medico-legal cases involving death, violence against human body and mind etc. require a medical practitioner to produce evidence and appear as an expert witness before the court of law. Forensic Medicine is also concerned with ethical duties of physicians and rights of human with respect to medicine.

Dr.Mahesh Krishna

HOD, Forensic Medicine


The goal of teaching Forensic Medicine to undergraduate student is to impart knowledge of legal procedures involved in practice of medical profession and to apply the knowledge of medical science for the purpose of executing justice in courts of law.

Further the teaching will help the students to know of medical ethics and etiquette to be followed during the practice of medicine.


At the end of the course, the students shall be able to describe the medico-legal aspects and findings of examination of the medico-legal cases like Victims of physical or sexual assaults, alleged accused of sex crime, unnatural deaths etc.

The students shall be able to apply his medical knowledge to solve medico-legal problems related to injuries, unnatural deaths, sexual-offences etc. for the cause of justice.

The students shall be able to appear in a court of law as a Registered Medical Practitioner and give evidence in cases of Homicide, Assault, Sexual offences, Alcoholic intoxication, Drug dependence and other cases requiring medical opinion.

The students shall be able to distinguish between ethical and unethical conducts of the medical practitioners and practice medicine in the society following medical ethics and etiquette as prescribed by the Indian Medical Council.

Plan for the future

To setup a Clinical Forensic Medicine unit which is commonly used to refer to the branch of medicine involving an interaction among the Law, the Judiciary, the Police, and usually concerning living persons- is emerging as a speciality in its own right.

Our Services

In addition to the teaching of students mentioned above by way of lectures, demonstration, practical along with the periodic vivo-voce and internal assessment examination, the department has the vision to constantly refine the Forensic acumen by way of conducting and attending seminars, conferences, CMEs and engaging in research activities and paper publication at the college, state, national and inter-national levels.

Our Doctors Details

Our department have a very good expert team of doctors.